Best Soap for Kids with Sensitive Skin

Best Soap for Children with Sensitive Skin


Old Factory’s collection houses some of the best soap for kids because of its nourishing, natural ingredients.  We offer soap for kids with sensitive skin, soap for kids with eczema, soap for kids with dry skin.  Our entire selection would be helpful for kids with skin issues, but here are a few of our favorites, recognized for their super-nourishing potential and proven track record among our customers.

What makes a good children’s soap?

Here are the criteria we based our choices on.

  • Gentle Touch – A mild, gentle soap is important for children with sensitive skin, as their small bodies cant process more potent ingredients like adults can.  Using high quality, gentle ingredients we believe is the most important criteria for our list. These top 4 choices are very mild, soft soaps.
  • Nourishing, Natural Ingredients – Maintaining our bodies with strong, nourishing ingredients is important for people of any age, but especially important for growing children.  Particularly for children that have sensitive, dry, skin – its important not to use soap with any synthetic chemicals, dyes, colorants, or chemical preservatives. None of our soap picks for best kids soap contain anything synthetic.
  • Lots of Lather – A good lather will enhance the bathing experience for both parent and child, making it easy to get those tough to scrub spots, and make the business of bathing quick work so the rest of the time can be left for water play.
  • Moisturizing – Most children with sensitive skin have trouble with keeping their skin moisturized. I have seen countless cases of cracked, itchy skin that can easily be remedied by switching to a better soap. There are many internal and external causes to dry skin, but one thing is for sure – using high quality base oils is important when combating dry skin. These four soaps contain a base of flaxseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter (plus other herbs, botanicals etc)
  • Soothing Aroma – A gentle, calming aroma will provide a pleasant experience for parent and child.  Though not the most important factor in a child’s soap, it does give our list a nice touch (plus many calming essential oils are also great for dry, chapped skin).
Milk Honey Soap Goats Milk by Old Factory Soap Best Soap for Kids
Lavender Benzoin bergamot Raw Soap Bars Old Factory Best Soap for kids with dry skin
Field Flower Handmade Soap Old Factory Soap Best soap for kids with eczema
Sea Foam Handmade Goats Milk Soap by Old Factory soap best soap for kids with sensitive skin

Best Soap for Kids

Natural, Pure, Mild Soap for Children

  1. Milk & Honey Goats Milk Soap – This nutrient rich soap tops our list for best natural kids soap because its gentle, nourishing, and very lathery.  You will see goats milk soap several times on this list because the high fat content of the milk easily transfers nutrients over to human skin.  This bar in particular contains no essential oils, all of the aroma comes from the pure, raw honey. Honey is very moisturizing, it is a humectant meaning that it draws moisture.  Soothing ground oats inside and on top of this bar calm dry itchy skin. Use daily on face and body, and use in bath with additional oats to soothe inflamed/itchy skin.
  2. Lavender, Benzoin, Bergamot Shea Butter and Flaxseed Oil Soap –  We call these three essential oils our power-trio.  All three of them are known to have naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for dry itchy skin, perfect for kids with sensitive skin.  This bar is part of our shea butter and flaxseed oil recipe, making it extremely moisturizing.  This is our go-to bar when people ask for soap to calm their eczema and psoriasis, it also works wonders on our furry dog friends in situations of irritated skin.
  3. Field & Flower Soap Goats Milk Soap – Another powerful bar for dry, itchy skin – this goats milk soap contains essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, and litsea cubeba.  A great facial and body bar, especially for teens with acne, or kids with sensitive dry skin.  Goats Milk Soap is known for its luxurious lather, and its nutrient rich qualities.  This calming aroma is also great for the child who doesn’t like bath time.
  4. Sea & Foam Goats Milk Soap – A new addition to our Goats Milk line, this bar has a soft scent, and a velvety smooth lather making it a very soothing bath experience.  A mild essential oil blend mixed with green algae and red hawaiin sea salt will make bath time a pleasant experience.  Very soft on the skin, this will leave your childs skin feeling silky smooth.
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All of our products are lovingly crafted in Blanco, Texas using pure, natural ingredients, essential oils, botanicals and more. All of our soap is great for children and adults alike, each individual has skin like no other – a great place to start would be our soap samplers, try a little bit of each aroma and recipe to see which one you, or your childs skin likes best.

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