LIMITED EDITION SOAP – Exfoliating Coffee Soap + Farm Fresh Milk

MilkandCoffee Coffee Exfoliating Soap Bar

exfoliating coffee soap limited edition coffee scrub + farm fresh milk Here at Old Factory we love using local, fresh ingredients.  We try to source as many locally produced ingredients as we can and often offer limited editions using small batches seasonal ingredients we encounter.  If we can grow, or wildcraft those

LIMITED EDITION SOAP – Focus and Meditation Blend with Activated Charcoal and Pure Sea Salt

Limited Edition Focus and Meditation Essential Oil Blend Old Factory

limited edition soap – meditation & focus blend Made on the summer solstice, to aid focus and meditation. Focus your mind, and let any negativity fall away.  Like a good cup of chamomile tea, this blend of pure essential oils will calm you down in all the right ways.  This bar combines essential oils to […]

In Praise of Local Business

local business texas soap company old factory soap company

In Praise Of Local Business Our products go out wholesale, to small, local, and niche sellers all over the country. As such, we clearly have something of a vested interest in supporting local businesses! However, even if it weren’t for our own particular interest, we’d still want to support local business. Local businesses are the […]

Blanco Lavender Soap – Handmade in Blanco Texas

Blanco Lavender Soap in the Texas Hill Country

Blanco lavender soap – handmade in blanco, texas Scents go in and out of style, but Lavender always remains.  Its amazing aroma transcends space and time. From the hillsides of France, to grandmothers back porch, Lavender is a scent that everyone loves. Our Blanco lavender soap is a regional specialty, because here in Blanco, Texas – […]

A Quick History of Soap from guest writer Gemma Edmonds

History of Soap for Old Factory Soap Company

Thanks to Gemma Edmonds for submitting this article for our blog! She gives us a quick history of soap. Very interesting! A Quick History Of Soap Nowadays, soap is something we all take for granted. It requires something a bit special (gorgeous smelling, sprinkled with flowers, made with pure ingredients…sounding familiar?) to get us excited […]