Old Factory Spotlight: Sacred Moon Herbs in Dripping Springs, Texas

Sacred Moon Herbs Metaphysical Shop in Dripping Springs Texas

Sacred Moon Herbs

Dripping Springs, Texas

Old Factory’s Quick List.  We are always on the hunt for amazing, unique, clean products and the stores that support them.  Old Factory’s brand spotlight series highlights some of the brands that we use personally, and some of the retail spaces we shop at. We hope to share this information so that we can build a community of well made, organically minded, natural products and the people that use them.

Old Factory Spotlight

Sacred Moon Herbs in Dripping Springs Texas
Sacred Moon Herbs Dripping Springs Texas Water Magic Baths
Sacred Moon Herbs in Dripping Springs Texas Metaphysical Gift Shop
Sacred Moon Herbs Aromatherapy Sprays and Old Factory
Sacred Moon Herbs Gemstones Metaphysical
Sacred Moon Herbs Organic Essential Oil Bar

Featured Brand:  Sacred Moon Herbs

About Sacred Moon Herbs:  Sacred Moon Herbs in Dripping Springs Texas is a cute little storefront offering a variety of natural and organic products.  Owned and run by Herbalist Beth Ebbing Johnson – this little space is the hub of all things holistic, natural, and metaphysical in the Hill Country. She places great emphasis on sourcing the highest quality, organic herbs and natural products – having years of experience practicing in the field.  Don’t let her carefully curated selection of home goods, and gift items fool you – this space is a powerhouse of natural medicines, organic herbs, organic teas, herbal formulations, and so much more.  It is also a great resource to meet like minded friends, find practitioners, and take classes.  Come in and speak with her in person about what is ailing you and she is sure to have some helpful suggestions.  Along side all of the products that she brings in, is a line of Sacred Moon formulations – an aromatherapy and bath line.  Formulated in house with great attention to the purpose they serve, she is well versed in aromatherapy, herbal, and vibrational healing.

Product Spotlight: Sacred Moon Line Water Magick Baths are one of our favorite products formulated by Sacred Moon in Dripping Springs.  These baths contain flower & gem essences, natural salts, essential oils, and always come with a crystal to help you set your bathing intention.

Why do we love this brand?  Beth sources the highest quality, organic ingredients and products.  When you walk into Sacred Moon, you know that each product has been extensively researched and used by Beth. She doesn’t put ANYTHING in Sacred Moon that she doesn’t believe in.

Where can I find Sacred Moon? In person in Dripping Springs Texas, or on their website sacredmoonherbs.com Visit Sacred Moon Herbs