Wimberley Soap Factory – Our beginning in Wimberley Texas

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Wimberley Soap Factory – Our beginning in Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley Soap Factory, The story of our beginnings in Wimberley Texas. One beautiful fall day, many years ago, Jonathan and I first drove through Wimberley, Texas.  We were on our way to Austin, in our white Volkswagen Passat – with all of our belongings in packed in the back along with our two cats.  I had never been to Texas before, Jonathan was following a dream of returning home and decided to take me on the adventure. Heading towards an old friends house, we drove through the Wimberley Square for the first time.  Dressed for fall, there were hay bales, straw men, and pumpkins lining the road.  We were instantly in love, but not only that, I had dreamt about this place before.  Never having been to Wimberley before in my life, I distinctly remembered it from a dream, exactly as it was this day.  We thought, “maybe this is where we are supposed to be, not Austin” and we stayed.  We met a local real estate agent, who showed us several places – in particular I remember a beautiful cabin near the creek, but we thought that it was too expensive for us at the time.  Neither of us had jobs lined up, just our soapmaking equipment in the car and the faith that something would come about.   The agent said, “I have one last place to show you, but you probably won’t like it.”  She took us to see the last place, an three bedroom apartment of a two flat, hand built, made of wood – beautiful. We LOVED it and the price was right, we decided to stay.  That became our first home and soap factory in Wimberley, we stayed there for 3 years until we grew out of it.  We loved every minute of it, and were sad to leave when the time came.  Our apartment was right down the street from Wimberley Market Days, a beautiful field of flowers that we wild crafted for our soap, and had the most amazing neighbors and landlords. We had technically started Old Factory several years before in Chicago, where I grew up and where I met Jonathan – but Wimberley we will always consider our home because of the support we received from the town, its where we got our real start.  We made everlasting friends and customers who understood and appreciated our mission (creating the best quality soap, with ONLY high quality organic and natural ingredients).  Since then we have learned that Wimberley is a portal of sorts, it calls you there if thats where you need to be.  If you aren’t meant to be there, or you have learned your lessons, it pushes you away.  Since our first Wimberley apartment, and Wimberley Soap Factory we have moved several times in the area, and finally settled on our property here in Fischer / Blanco, Texas. We still spend much of our time in Wimberley, and try to purchase our food, tools, supplies, ingredients locally if we can.  King Feed in particular supplies us with so many plants, as well as some of our other ingredients, and you can find our soap near the front door.  We love Wimberley because it’s a community, everyone working together in this small town. Thanks you to all of our Wimberley Texas customers and friends, its because of you that we can continue to do what we love, and continue to explore the nature of reality, ourselves, and of course our skincare.

A few Wimberley Spring Photos,

Huisache Wimberley Texas Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company
Daisy Wimberley Texas Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company
Prickly Pear Wimberley Texas Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company
Wimberley Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company
Nature Wimberley Texas Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company
Wimberley Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company
Wimberley Soap Factory Old Factory Soap Company

2 thoughts on “Wimberley Soap Factory – Our beginning in Wimberley Texas

  1. Nancy says:

    I love your handcrafted soap! Saw it for the first time at the Wimberley Lion’s Club market & buy it online when I can. Thanks for making Texas your home! 🙂

    • Madeline Novak says:

      thank you Nancy! we just LOVE this area and hope to be here a long long time (as you know Jonathan grew up in Texas, I am the transplant).

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