Activated Charcoal Soap – Our Event Horizon Charcoal Soap Bar

Event Horizon Activated Charcoal Soap Bars

Activated charcoal soap – event horizon

One question that we get asked all of the time here at old factory is, “Do you have any activated charcoal soap?”  The answer is YES!  We use activated charcoal in several of our bars, including our featured bar today – Event Horizon.  Activated charcoal soap for acne is highly sought after – but activated charcoal soap performs many other amazing thing as well. Read here about our Event Horizon Activated Charcoal Soap Bar, and Activated Charcoal bar soap in general.

Activated charcoal soap benefits

There are so many benefits of putting activated charcoal in soap.  In general, it prevents chemical absorption by drawing impurities from the skin. Here are a few ways it can help:

  • Acne prevention
  • Balances oily skin
  • Gentle Exfoliant
  • Draws poisons, chemicals and batcteria from the skin
  • Soothes Insect Bites
  • Some even say that the negative ions in activated charcoal stimulates the feeling of happiness.
about event horizon activated charcoal soap

Event Horizon is the fifth chapter in the story of Parousia. A scented adventure behind the veil of reality and the quest for a new language to describe it.

It is the scent of the courage it takes to completely let go of everything known and embrace a world beyond imagination. It is the essence of the darkness that grows deepest before the dawn.  Step behind the curtain and face the unspeakable. Leave fear behind. There is no place for it on the other side.

Many essential oils contained in Event Horizon are known to set wards around itself against the forces that seek to diminish your power and your energy. Some of these being; Mugwort, Angelica Root, Vetiver & Lovage.

Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic raw shea butter, essential oils, activated charcoal.

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