Introducing, Parousia Perfume: A Projected Essence

Parousia Perfume A Projected Essence by Parousia Perfumes and Old Factory

Parousia: A Projected Essence.

The concrescence of natural forces.

Forming a thought in your imagination.

A planet in your constellation.

Intuitively crafted.

8 essential oils in a base of jojoba, grapeseed, and castor oils combine with your skin and your imagination to create a perfume unique to you.

Our latest addition to the line up, Parousia, carefully constructed to blend with your personal chemistry to make an aroma entirely your own.  At first you get a sweet basil aroma, but it quickly transforms into your own personal aroma.  Parousia essence is available as a high quality natural perfume oil, as well as an artisan soap bar.

Parousia Projected Essences Artisan Handmade soap by Parousia perfumes and old factory soap company
Parousia Natural Essential Oil Perfume