Holiday Gifts For Her 2016

Holiday Gifts For Her 2016 Perfume Sampler by Parousia Perfumes
Storyline Natural Perfume Sampler
Storyline Artisan Handmade Soap Sampler by Parousia and Old Factory
Parousia Natural Essential Oil Perfume
White Rabbit Natural Scent for Her
Goats Milk Artisan Soap Set

Unique Holiday Gifts For Her

Shop Old Factory for the most unique holiday gifts for her.  Each one of these handmade items are carefully crafted, with unique natural aromas. The perfect holiday gift for her – is one that will give her a sense of joy, wonder, and allow her to take a moment from her busy life just to enjoy the simple pleasures.  To know someone cares for her, to receive a gift that is truly thoughtful and unique.  The olfactory systems in our body, create some of the most powerful memories – linking a single smell with a fond memory, a feeling, a time.  The gift of an aroma will put a smile on her face, and imprint itself into her brain.  Each time she smells that aroma, it will bring her back to that moment of joy, excitement and wonder.  Choose from our many aromatic gifts, and find the one that is just perfect for her.

  1. Natural Perfume Sampler – A selection of our 5 Storyline Perfume scents, each one carefully crafted with essential oils, and natural base oils. Each scent tells a story, with illustrations and packaging made in house. Try each Story – and decide which one is yours to tell.
  2. Storyline Artisan Soap Sampler – Six unique scents, tell six unique stories.  Our Storyline Artisan Soap Sampler contains six 1 oz bars of natural handmade soap, each made with unique blends of essential oils, vegetables, herbs, and botanicals. Each bar housed in its own wrapper with its own tag so you can decide which one you like best. A luxurious way to take a moment for your self.
  3. Parousia Perfume by Parousia – A unique blend of 8 essential oils that mix with your personal body chemistry to create a scent all your own.  Parousia projected essence is a simple, beautiful gift for her.  An aroma all her own, an olfactory impression to last a lifetime.
  4. White Rabbit Soap & Perfume Set – A set of our most popular aroma, White Rabbit – this set contains a bar of our artisan handmade soap and our natural perfume oil.  This light, sweet, sexy scent is the perfect introduction to Old Factory and Parousia Perfumes.
  5. Artisan Handmade Goats Milk Soap Set – A set of six creamy soaps – the perfect self-care gift for her.  Let her take some time out of her busy schedule just to relax. Each of these six goats milk soaps feature unique blends of essential oils, herbs and botanicals – all inspired by our homeland the Texas Hill Country.
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