Handmade Sample Size Soap Bars for Your Guests! Perfect for B&B, Hotels, and more.

Handmade Sample Size Soap Bars for Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Guest Soap by Old Factory

Looking for high quality, completely natural handmade sample size soap bars for your event, bed & breakfast, hotel, air BNB, or guest house?  We can do that for you! We offer sample sized soap for guests in a 1 oz size.  We offer our Old Factory/Parousia branded soap in a 1 oz size as well as co-branded (our label and yours), or fully private labeled with your brand.

Give your guests a little something extra to make a lasting impression. Our unique scents will help to create a lasting desirable association their stay – remember, olfactory memory is very powerful and can last for decades! Wouldn’t it be nice for your guests to remember what a wonderful time they had at your bed & breakfast every time they smelled the aroma of lavender, mint, or even your own unique essential oil blended soap? Our handmade sample size soap bars come in a variety of scents, choose one featuring local or popular ingredients for your area, or custom create your own.

Handmade Sample Size Soap Bars for Guests

  • Sample Size Soap that everyone will love. Work with us to choose from our already popular soap choices, or create your own custom scented soap.
  • Ships to you fully packaged and ready for your guests to use.
  • Made with 100% Pure & Natural Ingredients – just read our ingredient list! Your guests will LOVE our soap, its high artisanal quality comes from the master-crafted recipes themselves. We use completely natural ingredients in all of our handmade sample size soap bars for private label, essential oils, herbs, and botanicals.  They are wonderful for those with sensitive skin – your guests will certainly notice the difference between our soap and your traditional hotel quality soap.
  • Great for vacationing skin: all of our bars are nourishing, moisturizing, and have an amazing lather.
  • Low minimum orders on private labeled, and co-branded handmade sample size soap bars.  No set up fees on our co-branded soap bars. 
  • Contact Us Today to get started!