Cutting Board Conditioning Oil

Natural Cutting Board Seasoning Wax Oil by Old Factory

Cutting Board Conditioning Oil

by Old Factory, for wood cutting boards, wood utensils, wood salad bowls, and more!

At Old Factory we LOVE wood cutting boards. In the shop we use our large ones for cutting soap, for a solid and easy to clean foundation to package, and for display out at markets.  At home in our kitchen we have at least 6 cutting boards, in various sizes and shapes that we put to work daily.  Our favorite source for cutting boards is Teakhaus by Proteak.  They offer sturdy, large, well crafted Teak cutting boards that you feel good about using because you can trust that they being grown sustainably, and organically.  For several years I actually worked for Teakhaus, where I went to trade shows representing their products, and met with many of their wholesale and retail clients.  I had customer after customer tell me how much they loved their cutting boards, but wished they had a mineral oil alternative to season and oil them.  After all – what is the point of purchasing such a beautiful, organically grown, natural cutting board just to bring it home and cover it with mineral oil, or chemical cleaners/oils?  It was then that we decided to create an alternative!  I knew what professional and home chefs were looking for in a wood cutting board conditioning oil, and I had many natural and organic ingredients already in our soap shop – so I set out to create a simple, natural cutting board conditioning oil that these customers could use regularly without being worried what was going onto their kitchen products.  The product was a huge hit, we now offer our new product directly to the public, as well as to private label, wholesale, cutting board conditioning oil customers.

First, a little bit about wood cutting board care and maintenance.

I am often asked. “what is the best way to take care of a wood cutting board?”  I usually say that there are only two rules – 1.  Don’t put it in the dishwasher! Though some wood cutting boards can probably stand the extreme heat a dishwasher provides, most can not and will come out warped due to the flexibility of any adhesives used, and the extreme, fast heating of the wood.  Putting it in the dishwasher is really unnecessary as long as you give it a good hand washing after use (do some research if you would like on the natural antibacterial qualities of wood oils, especially Teak.) Anything you use on your dishes would work out just fine, personally I suggest using our Chef Soap of course – perfect for dishes, kitchen counters, and working hands. Looking for a deep clean? Try white vinegar, a great natural cleaning solution that will give you the deep clean you desire.  2. Keep it oiled! Monthly. Maintaining the woods natural oil content will keep your cutting board looking beautiful, for years and years.

cutting board conditioning oil for wood cutting boards by old factoryNow, a little bit about our cutting board conditioning oil.

These tips are specific to our product, but their general concepts apply to other oil choices as well – and highlight the main reasons why you should keep your cutting board oiled & maintained.

What are the ingredients?

  • Pure natural beeswax
  • Pure natural coconut oil
  • Pure natural essential oil

Why should I use a cutting board conditioning oil?

  • Moisturizes & conditions – Pure coconut oil helps to maintain the natural oil content of the wood.  It will absorb into the wood and leave behind the beautiful rich natural coloring of the wood.
  • Seals & protects – Beeswax helps to create a moisture barrier between the wood and the food, making it easy to clean and reduce staining and knife marks.
  • Resists odors & staining – Creating a protective layer on your cutting surface – these ingredients will help to prevent / reduce residual odors or staining when cutting strongly aromatic ingredients such as beets and onions.
  • Increases lifespan – Oiling the wood will help it to stay strong,resist daily wear and tare, and maintain visual appeal.

How often should I apply?

Apply monthly, or as needed. When you first oil your cutting board, notice the rich full color of the wood that the conditioning oil brings out.  When you notice that color has faded, or think that the wood looks dry and knife marks become very easy to see you will know that its ready to be oiled.

How do I apply the wood conditioning oil?

Its very easy to apply our natural wood conditioning oil. First, give your cutting board a good wash and let it dry.  Then, take a rag (or use the one provided) to work the wax into the wood. A little goes a long way.  Coat the entire cutting board (front, back, sides). Prop up your cutting board and let the oil soap in for a few hours.

Watch this simple video from Southern Costal Cooking talking about our seasoning wax, as well as our favorite Teakhaus cutting boards.

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