The Meaning of Lucid

Lucid Dreaming Scent - Soap and Perfume by Old Factory and Parousia Perfumes

Lucid in the 1500s meant a person who was “bright and shining” a sense now obsolete or restricted. It comes from the Latin word lucidus meaning “light” (bright, clear) and figuratively “perspicuous, lucid, clear,” from lucere “to shine,” from lux (genitive lucis) “light,” from its root *leuk- “to shine and be bright.” It was marked though by intellectual clarity, first recorded 1786. Lucid interval “period of calm or temporary sanity” is from Medieval Latin lucida intervalla (plural), common in medieval legal documents (non est compos mentis, sed gaudet lucidis intervallis, etc.). The notion probably is of a period of calm and clear during the insanity or the storm. After the 1930s it was and still is referred to as an ungrounded state of being high or mental issues associated with medications that are too strong or effects of pot and shamanic drugs.

I use the word Lucid in its original meaning of light and in metaphysical terms, there is a process of using our ability to “image” as a dream practice, it’s called imagination. The process is taking what does not exist and make it reality. This can be applied to baking a cake or building a bridge in the physical world and it can be applied to dreaming in the energetic world (emotional energy, feelings, etc and our soul energy world where we dream). Its all the same principle and practice. That practice is the first rule of metaphysics: “Whatever you focus on… expands” and its true for Lucid Dreaming. One technique to help lucidity increase is sitting quietly in a daily meditation, looking at a peaceful image of nature (or sitting in nature in the practice), along with putting a scent on or on the image if you do it indoors. Its a daily practice of saturation. I have seen it take some people 4 years of this daily practice to flex the intuitive and dreaming soul body, for others, its a much shorter time. Eventually the mind-body will become peaceful enough to let the dreaming soul speak, be that in the daytime with synchronicity or at night time in your dreams. At small levels this is called trusting your intuition, at greater levels its called Lucid Dreaming. The trick of course is consistency and the practices of learning to expand and accepting this natural part of our inner life. Some practice this naturally with nature, like long hikes in the mountains, others do a more intense version like vision quests. Artists also do it through their daily or weekly art-making, but those who are serious go beyond all of those because they understand its about their soul nature.

The scent of Lucid Dream by Parousia Perfumes – is about waking up in the dream of reality. It’s deep, dark notes of Oak Moss, Patchouli, Cypriol and Clove ground the lovely high notes of Sweet Orange and Plumeria. A layer of crushed rose petals on top lends its classic tone to this wonderful bar of soap that gives the feeling of being wide awake within a dream.

Paired our Lucid Dream Perfume Oil and Artisan Soap to carry the dream with you throughout the day. $8.00 for our 4 oz /133 g bar – 100% Vegan – No Preservatives – and $5-$48 for our natural perfume oils.  Manufactured by Parousia Perfumes / Old Factory in small batches.


Parousia Brand

Lucid Dream Artisan Soap


Parousia Brand

Lucid Dream Perfume

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