Spooky: A Protective Essence

Spooky Protective Essence by Parousia and Old Factory

Spooky: A Protective Essence

Light and dark. Summer and Winter. Birth and death. This aromatic protective essence is an ode to the cycle of life, the changing of the seasons, and all that those things evoke.  A blend of blood orange, clove, ylang ylang, vetiver, mugwort, angelica root, pennyroyal and other spooky essential oils – many known throughout history to be protective. Topped with white sage, and colored with activated charcoal, this soap will cleanse and protect you from the spooky unknown.  Made originally during the day of the dead season to celebrate change, this soap is meant to guide you through changes of all kinds.

Spooky Protective Essence by Parousia Perfumes

Mugwort – Used in Europe as a protective charm against evil, this plant is often used to promote lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Clove – Cloves have long been used to create scared space, cleansing space for ceremony and ritual.  Clove offers psychic protection and helps to rid you from evil influences by raising the vibration of the space it inhabits.

Vetiver – Another dream supporting plant, this one helps you to create a peaceful, calm dream state.  It offers protection from negativity.

Angelica– Named in honor of the angels, Angelica offers its protection in the form of strength, and grounding.

Pennyroyal– Pennyroyal is another herb used to protect psychic energy, creating a shield against negativity.

White Sage – Possibly one of the most well known of the protective plants – white sage offers its protection in the form of space cleansing and purity.  Often burned to clear room of negative energy, the smoke is powerful and potent.

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Spooky Protective Essential Oil Soap

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