Old Factory Spotlight: Ritual Union in Austin, Texas

Brandi Jo Perkins Ritual Union Face Cream

Ritual Union

Austin, Texas

Old Factory’s Quick List.  We are always on the hunt for amazing, unique, clean products and the stores that support them.  Old Factory’s brand spotlight series highlights some of the brands that we use personally, and some of the retail spaces we shop at. We hope to share this information so that we can build a community of well made, organically minded, natural products and the people that use them.

Ritual Union by Brandi Jo Perkins
Ritual Union by Brandi Jo Perkins

Featured Brand:  Ritual Union

About Ritual Union: Founded by herbalist and yoga instructor Brandi Jo Perkins in Austin, Texas – ritual union combines spiritual practice with her love of herbs.  Focusing on fresh ingredients, especially ones that she can process herself.  Brandi Jo Perkins also teaches many classes, including some distillation classes that I cant wait to take!

Product Spotlight: Shield of Dreams, Night Time Moisturizer for Face – “A magical restorative armor. Hydration & protection for the skin, the well being, and the dreams.  Made with loving praise.  For nourished skin, beautiful rest, private reflection & heart integration.”   An amazing moisturizer, feels amazing on your face – and includes some of my favorite oils.

Why do we love this brand? Putting FRESH skin care products on your skin is just like eating fresh food.  The fresher those ingredients are, the more nutrients they contain, the more they make your body and mind feel FRESH.  Ritual Union shares this ideal with us, I just love the way it makes your skin feel – alive, full of energy, FRESH!!

Where can I find Ritual Union? You can find them online at ritualunion.us, and on the Ritual Union Etsy Shop.

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