Cutting Board Oil Application – A Quick and Easy Guide

Sustainable Organic Teak Cutting Board Gift Set cutting board oil application

Applying our natural cutting board seasoning wax is quick and easy.

It only needs one coat of wax a month, unless you really use your cutting board a lot.  The method of cutting board oil application is simple, and will leave your cutting board beautiful, and your hands moisturized & clean (and dont worry, none of that gross residue that you get with traditional, mineral oil based board seasoners).  Old Factory’s Natural Cutting Board Oil is made from three completely natural ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil.  The beeswax is a sealant and naturally antibacterial. The coconut oil is a moisturizer, soaking into the board and replacing the woods natural oil content.  Orange essential oil is a light, fresh aroma that is also naturally antibacterial.  Seasoning your cutting board with these three ingredients brings will bring out the natural beauty of your wood or bamboo cutting board, no matter how old and worn it is.

Cutting Board Oil Application

-A Quick Guide-

  1. Wash your wood cutting board.  Give it a good scrub so you can start with a clean base to work with. Use a natural soap, and if you are looking for a deep clean – white vinegar works wonders. Salt and lemon are also good, natural scrubs.
  2. Let it dry completely.  Let your wood cutting board air dry completely before waxing.
  3. Apply wax in circular motion with the waxing pad provided, working the wax into the wood.  A little goes a long way, so start with a small amount and add more if needed. I have also heard from a few chefs that they like to work the wax in with their bare hands – as it brings them closer to the wood.
  4. Let the board sit for an hour, and add another coat if necessary.  Your wood cutting board should return to a rich, deep coloring similar to the original wood. If its really dry, or it hasn’t been seasoned for a while – you may need to add more then one coat.
  5. Put your cutting board back to work! Once all of the wax has soaked in, start chopping away. Enjoy the rich full color, and how easy it is to wash clean your cutting board now!  Once you see the wood start to loose its rich color again, you know its time to wax.
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