Best Soap for Children with Sensitive Skin

Best Soap for kids with sensitive skin

My Story – Growing up with Sensitive Skin

Growing up with sensitive skin was not easy.  From periods of eczema as a young child, to extreme skin allergies as a teenager – I seemed to be allergic to almost everything, most notably: all metals, jewelry, belt buckles, even the back of the button on my jeans, plastics, fragrances in soap, shampoo, laundry detergents.  It was tough finding skincare and household products to use, and even clothing to wear. In my years I have experienced dry itchy skin, eczema, rashes, hives, and probably more that I can’t remember at the moment.  These years of my life gave me a new perspective on reality, on low cost, low quality products and the companies who make them. Today I find it shocking that even some of the doctors in my youth suggested creams, and medicated items when it was as simple as removing some key elements from my environment – and finding a GOOD QUALITY bar of soap to replace it all.  Of course I couldn’t find that bar anywhere, so I did without for a long time – dealing with the itching and inflammation.  Luckily one day in my early 20’s, as fate would have it, I met Jonathan (our master soapmaker, and perfumer).  He knew how to make soap, and was passionate about creating the best recipes he could, using freshest, high quality ingredients he could find.  He was determined to make the best bar of soap, regardless of the cost and share it with the public at a the lowest price he could.  To make a long story short, he developed all three of our soap recipes – and finally I had something that solved all of my problems.  Although I still can not wear jewelry, and still have trouble walking through the beauty care section at the grocery store – I have happy, healthy, great looking skin because what I use every day is a good bar of soap – full of nutrient rich ingredients.

Childhood Sensitive Skin

There are many different reasons why children and adults find themselves with dry, itchy, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and the likes. Some of the most common issues stem from internal imbalances such as gluten allergies or other dietary issues.  We also see a growing population who are just allergic to all of the chemical/fragrance based products all around them at all times.  Its amazing how hard it is to avoid these things (scented toilet paper and trash bags?!?!)

Helping a child with sensitive skin issues is especially difficult because inflamed skin is itchy, and uncomfortable. From personal experience alone (this information is not meant to diagnose, or cure anything), I find that the road to wellness starts by analyzing and adjusting the environment accordingly, while at the same time giving your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Work with your pediatrician, or local herbalist to find the root cause of the problem, while closely monitoring good days and bad.  No two individuals are unique – so it may take some time to find the cause or causes.

In the mean time, the best thing you can do is to support your child’s skin by using products that contain wholesome fresh ingredients. You might even find that this solves all of the problems.  Steer clear of ingredients you can’t pronounce, and those with synthetic fragrances and lots of chemical preservatives.  You don’t need to buy a million “natural” or “organic” soap products from the grocery store – one good bar of soap will work for everything (well maybe a good bar of soap, and a quality laundry detergent – I personally used the 7th Generation unscented).  Listed below are some of the soaps we developed specifically to help with sensitive skin, try one if you would like.  They can be used for face, body, hair, and a variety of other things. Also one final note, is that switching your own personal care items is equally important as switching your child’s – if you use a shampoo that has a synthetic fragrance in it and hug your child, they will still be exposed to the same things.  Same goes for dish detergent, perfumes, dog soaps etc.  We offer natural alternatives for all of these – but again, find one good bar of soap that works with your child’s skin and use it for everything.  I know that there are many soap companies out there offering many different products – all I can share is my own experience  and how the soaps below have helped me. Whether you try our bars, or someone else’s – just make sure to look at the ingredients  – and if they are natural, wholesome ones – give it a try and see what happens.

Best Soap for Children with Sensitive Skin

Three bars of soap that will work wonders on your child’s sensitive skin.

For extreme sensitive skin, start with our Milk & Honey – and make sure to do a spot test before using it over the whole body.

  1. Field & Flower.  This bar of soap is made with fresh goats milk – an amazing ingredient that contains lots of vital nutrients and can easily transfer them to human skin. This bar has a thick, stable lather so if you have a young child, or your child is old enough to wash themselves it is easy to use.  Also featured in this bar are three soft, yet effective essential oils known for their soothing effects.  Lavender – universally known to work wonders for sensitive skin because of its soothing nature, this oil also works as an antiseptic to keep the skin clean through all of that itching. Lemongrass oil contains natural antibacterial qualities and is also a pleasing light aroma. Litsea cubeba, the third oil featured is topically antibacterial and antifungal.
  2. Milk & Honey – My number one choice to start with for children with sensitive skin.  This simple, yet wholesome bar of soap contains no essential oils at all – but gets its very soft aroma from the raw honey inside.  Honey is a humectant, and draws moisture to the skin.  Ground oats are featured throughout the bar, a soothing addition – a great bath bar for extra dry/itchy skin.  This bar is also from our goats milk line, giving it a full lather that contains lots of nutrients.
  3. Lavender, Benzoin, Bergamot – A classic Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil recipe – two “superfoods” of skincare.  This recipe is full of moisture and nutrients – perfect as a daily bar for face, body, and hair for those with sensitive skin.  The three classic essential oils are naturally anti-inflammatory, and provide sensitive skin with the right qualities to repair itself.

Old Factory Brand

Field & Flower

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Old Factory Brand

Milk & Honey