Woode Soap


by Parousia Perfumes

Deep, Dark and sultry. An exquisite thicket of spice, wood and ancient currency

Woode uses the power of pure essential oils to paint pictures in the mind of a long lost aromatic forest. Through this forest runs a spice supply line. Along the sides of this trail, hidden in the overgrowth the rare traveler on foot could occasionally find little roe skin bags packed with various spices, some of them from plants and trees lost in history.

Prominent notes Frankincense, Rosewood, Lime, Cassia, Bay and Sardinian Juniper.

Pure essential oils blended into a mastercrafted extra virgin olive oil soap recipe with coconut oil, golden flaxseed and shea butter. A dark layer colored with black iron oxide and red French clay.

4 oz /133 g bar – 100% Vegan – No Preservatives – Cold Processed Soap Mastercrafted by Old Factory in small batches