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Looking for a ONE-OF-A-KIND product to catch your customers eye?  Seeking a quality, nourishing product that you know you can trust? Old Factory Brands offer both style and function with our wholesale essential oil soap, natural perfume, lip balm, kitchen & home products. Whether you are looking for farm to home, natural body products products for wholesale or you are looking for unique natural perfume scents completely with handmade artisan packaging – we have the skincare you are looking for.  We are a wholesaler of 100% natural soap, perfume, and skincare based in Blanco, Texas.  American made wholesale soap.

Old Factory Brand: The Left Brain Collection

Naturally Driven – Master Crafted Skincare & Home Goods

Our self titled Old Factory brand offers pure, natural, high quality wholesale products manufactured in Blanco, Texas. We aim to create the BEST, most nourishing natural skincare & home goods on the market. With fresh, colorful packaging coupled with the botanical based aesthetics of our products…. Old Factory brand is a proven seller time and time again in ANY retail situation.  Our unique style lends itself to sell as both daily personal use products and as a gift purchase.  The Focus of our Old Factory brand is to provide garden-to-home style products with a the versatility to be sold in any market situation.  Old Factory specializes in artisan handmade soap and natural skincare but we also create a variety of other popular products including unique kitchen & home items. 

Old Factory Brand Features

Left Brain Collection

Old Factory is our Left Brain Brand, Offering earth based products logically and masterfully hand-crafted to nourish your body & home.  Created in conjunction with the natural world around us, our Old Factory collection returns to the traditional principles of folk medicine, focuses on fresh ingredients, and building relationships with local growers and producers.

High Quality Recipes

Our nourishing recipes contain only high quality, natural ingredients and will bring your customers back again and again. Great for multipurpose use and for those with sensitive skin. Amazing benefits with daily use. Just READ OUR INGREDIENTS and you will see why our customers get hooked for life. We specialize in formulating our own unique recipes, read more about our recipes here.

Pure Essential Oil Scents

Only pure, natural essential oils and botanical extracts are used to scent our Old Factory brand products– making sure that all of our creations are nourishing to the body and soul. Essential oils provide a variety of benefits, both topically and via olfactory sensation (aroma therapy).  We offer wholesale essential oil soap, wholesale essential oil lip balms, wholesale essential oil perfumes, and more!  Some of our scents are even extracted from fresh plant material in house. Ask us about seasonal and local Hill Country specialties. Read more about the essential oils we use.

Naturally Driven Fresh Ingredients

Old Factory works with local growers and producers to source fresh, botanical ingredients.  Dried herbs, flowers, and natural colorants give our products a unique & wonderful look and feel. Some of our local suppliers include Johnsons Backyard Garden Organic Farm in Austin, Fowler Farms, and others in the Hill Country area.

Eye Catching Aethetic

Old Factory’s simple, yet elegant style showcases our natural aesthetic beautifully – allowing our product to be sold as both a daily personal use product as well as a unique gift item.  Our line will catch the eye of your customer from across the room. Our packaging is designed in house with a focus on sustainability and waste reduction.  Everything can be recycled.

Products That Will Fly Off Your Shelves

We offer both gift size samplers and traditional sizes of our product lines- all of which will fly off your shelves.  Download our Top 10 Sellers List

Parousia: The Right Brain Collection

The Plant Has A Voice.  The Perfumer Has A Story.

Parousia by Old Factory is our adventure into the creative unknown, and our most unique product offerings.  Parousia shares illustrative stories through the magic of plant based perfumery.  Using the same fine, wholesome ingredients as our original Old Factory brand, Parousia intuitively crafts essential oil blends that attempt to (re)create a thousand images, feelings, and ideas gathered from our imagination and the world around us. Each finely tuned perfume is exhibited in mediums of master crafted soap, and perfume oils.   This brand is ideal for customers looking for a unique, thoughtfully crafted product made with high quality ingredients. It features unique and beautiful illustrations, aromas, packaging, attracting many buyers seeking an original and unique scent to call their own.

Parousia Brand Features

Right Brain Collection

Parousia by Old Factory is our Right Brain Brand, our creative enterprise into Plant – Based Art.  Our intuitively crafted essential oil blends attempt to recreate a thousand images, feelings and ideas from our imagination to yours.  Each finely tuned perfume is exhibited through mediums of mastercrafted soap & perfumary.

High Quality Recipes

Parousia features the same high quality recipes we developed through the Old Factory brand.  Our nourishing preparations contain only high quality ingredients and will bring your customers back again and again. Great for multipurpose use and for those with sensitive skin. Amazing benefits with daily use.

Illustrative Essential Oil Perfumes

Parousia presents a treasury of illustrative essential oil blends. Letting go of our logical side, our Parousia collection scents are intuitively created – we let the plants guide the way.  We listen to the voices of a thousand plants, and orchestrate their collective story.

Beautifully Aesthetic Fresh Ingredients

Parousia uses beautifully aesthetic fresh ingredients – herbs, botanicals, clays, and more to illustrate our scents with vivid colors.  All of the ingredients we use are pure, fresh, and natural – many of them are certified organic.  Read each product description for a full ingredient list.

Artist Desgined Packaging

Our simple, beautiful packaging is designed and manufactured in house – with attention to sustainability. Each image is artist designed and drawn for the specific purpose of sharing the story of the aroma.

Completely Unique Product your Customers Will Love

Parousia is a one-of-a-kind product that your customers will love.  This brand is designed for the well informed, creative consumer that seeks a unique, natural product, carefully crafted by artisans.


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