Are you a seller or manufacturer of wood kitchen products?  Here is the PERFECT add on sell for you that will fly out the door.  Our amazing natural seasoning wax can be used on any wood products – such as wood cutting boards, wood spoons & forks, wood salad bowls, wood countertops (unfinished), and any other unfinished wood products.  Sell this along side your other wood items, or as a stand alone product.  Oil your wood products in store, or at market and watch your sales double! Our private label cutting board oil will outsell your traditional mineral oil, especially with todays naturally inclined customers.

Private Label Natural Cutting Board Oil by Old Factory
All natural seasoning oil for wood cutting boards
private label natural cutting board seasoning oil
All natural cutting board seasoning wax no mineral oil by old factory

Our Product - Your Brand

One of our best selling products, our wood seasoning wax is completely natural and available for private label.  A great add on product for your brand. Sell along side your wood cutting board line, or as a stand alone product.

Amazing All Natural Seasoning Wax

moisturizes & conditions

Pure coconut oil works to maintain the natural oil content of your wood cutting board, or kitchen utensils – moisturizing and conditioning it for a long life.  Not only does this create a natural moisture barrier between the cutting surface and your food, but it also brings out the beautiful rich tones of the natural wood your cutting board is made of.

seals & protects

Pure beeswax creates a natural seal on top of the wood, protecting it from any discoloration, odors or staining.  Beeswax has also been known to be naturally antibacterial.

resists odors & staining

Working together, the coconut oil and pure beeswax create a protective layer that reduces staining, odors, knife marks, blemishes and more.

naturally cleansing, fresh aroma

Orange essential oil provides a fresh & light aroma that will not interfere with cooking.  This pure essential oil also has been known to provide natural antibacterial properties.  The perfect scent for your wood!  We can also provide other scents upon request.

increases lifespan of cutting board & other kitchen wood

Keeping your wood cutting board oiled will drastically increase the lifespan of your wood products – not only in visual appeal, but for all of the reasons listed above.

Pure, Simple Ingredients

Our special blend of three ingredients: organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic sweet orange essential oil.

Selling Points

One of our best selling, fastest growing products.

Why will this product fly off your shelves?

Its completely natural!

Three simple ingredients, completely pure, all natural.  Contains NO mineral oil, a controversial, yet common wood seasoning ingredient.

Its contains NO mineral oil!

This all natural product contains NO mineral oil – a controversial ingredient used in the skincare & oiling industries.

Available in two sizes!

Our natural cutting board seasoning wax comes in a 2.65 oz push up stick, as well as a larger 4 oz tin complete with a waxing pad.

Its quick & easy to use!

Looking for a quick, full service label?  Send us your logo / company name, and any additional information you would like featured on the label ( bio, website) and we will place it in one of our basic private label design templates.  These labels are simple, stylish, and we will match the coloring/branding to your logo.

Great Price Point!

Competitive private label pricing, a natural alternative that the modern consumer will choose over other options.


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private label cutting board oil alternative for mineral oil by old factory

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