Looking for a unique, high quality product to catch your customers eye?  Seeking a custom soap manufacturer that uses high quality ingredients, providing you with the best soap you and your customer will ever use?  Here at Old Factory we will work with you to create your ideal custom bar using our wide variety of fresh ingredients, herbs, botanicals, essential oils, and high quality base oils.  Work together with us to create the perfect bar for you and your customer.

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The Best Soap Recipe On Earth

Developed in house for all skin types.  We specialize in high quality recipes, containing simple, but powerful ingredients. Choose from our three base recipes, designed specifically to nourish the skin, and delight the user.  Each of these recipes incorporate four oils (organic olive oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic coconut oil, raw organic shea butter) in different proportions, offering soap with lots of lather, that is soft on your skin and makes for the best all-purpose handmade soap.  We do not use low cost ingredients to dilute our recipes – you will find that our recipes are the best you will ever try.

Choose Your Recipe

Olive Oil Soap Base Recipe

Simple & Pure, our Olive Oil base recipe boasts a medium hard bar, with lots of stable lather.  Our most popular custom soap choice.  Great for every day use on hands, body, and face – plus a myriad of additional uses (dish soap, painters soap, mechanics soap, gardeners soap, laundry soap – and more!)

Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, raw organic shea butter.

Goats Milk Soap Base Recipe

Our most luxurious recipe, the Goats Milk Soap base offers lots of creamy lather, with the amazing nourishing qualities of goats milk soap. Our fresh goats milk is locally sourced, providing a true nutritious farm to market product.  Because of the amount of lather, its our softest bar.

Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, raw organic shea butter, fresh local goats milk.

Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil Base Recipe

Our shea butter & flaxseed oil recipe offers LOTS of flaxseed oil and about 20% raw shea butter- the most you can put in soap!  This nourishing recipe provides a hard, long lasting bar.  Great for those with dry, parched skin or anyone looking to improve skin issues, this recipe is certainly our workhorse.  Also a great recipe for pups, it is a great base for dog soap, or soap for hard working hands.

Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil.  ** contains 20% raw shea butter – the most you can put in soap.


Sourced locally and worldwide, we search out the finest high quality ingredients for our soap recipes. Using essential oils, pure botanical extracts, freshly dried herbs & botanicals, and other natural and certified organic ingredients – we aim to create the best soap you will ever use.  We love working with local growers when possible, and love to work with your ingredients as well!

ESSENTIAL OILS – Pure plant extractions for high quality products

At Old Factory we only use pure essential oils and botanical extracts in our custom soap so that our creations can contain their wonderful nourishing properties and aromas.  This not only makes our soap pure and natural, but great for those with sensitive skin as well.   We offer a wide variety of essential oils, and botanical extracts, even some very unique, house made aromatherapy tinctures.

HERBS + BOTANICALS – Sourced Locally & Worldwide

We have an ever growing collection of herbs & botanicals to give your custom soap a unique look & feel. Impress your customers with a flash of color – top each bar with colorful red rose petals, white jasmine buds, or yellow calendula. Create a luxurious exfoliating bar by adding blue poppy seeds, ground coffee, and clays from across the world.

NATURAL COLORANTS + EXFOLIANTS – Creating An Exquisite Aesthetic

All of the coloring agents we use at Old Factory are completely natural – non synthetic.  We weave the colors of the earth into our creations to create unique, and exquisite aesthetic that is great for sensitive skin, and safe for the planet.  Some of our rougher ingredients are ground down to use as exfoliants.

Choose Your Ingredients

Pure Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts

+Allspice      +Angelica Root      +Anise      +Bay Leaf      +Basil      +Bergamot      +Benzoin      +Black Pepper      +Cade      +Cardamom      +Carrot Seed      +Cassia      +Cedarwood – Virginia      +Cedarwood – Atlantic      +Cedarwood – Himalayan      +Cedarwood – Texas      +Chili Seed      +Chocolate Distillate      +Cinnamon Bark      +Cinnamon Leaf      +Citronella      +Clementine      +Clove Leaf      +Coffee Extract      +Coffee Essential Oil      +Copaiba Balsam      +Coriander      +Cornmint      +Curcuma      +Cypriol      +Elemi      +Eucalyptus      +Frankincense      +Geranium Rose      +Geranium Bourbon      +Ginger Root      +Grapefruit – Pink      +Grapefruit – White      +Howood      +Juniper Berry      +Lavender      +Lemon      +Lemongrass      +Liatrix      +Lime      +Litsea Cubeba      +Lovage      +Marjoram      +Mugwort      +Myrhh      +Oak Moss      +Orange – Blood      +Orange – Sweet      +Patchouli      +Peppermint      +Pennyroyal      +Petitgrain      +Pine Scotch      +Rosemary      +Clary Sage      +Sage – Dalmation      +Spearmint      +Tangerine      +Tea Tree      +Thyme – Red      +Tobacco      +Tuberose      +Vanilla      +Vetiver      +Ylang Ylang

Herbs + Dried Flowers + Exfoliants

+Alfalfa      +Beet Powder      +Birch Bark      +Calendula      +Chamomile      +Cornflower      +Coneflower – Texas Prairie      +Doublement      +Eucalyptus      +Fennel Seed      +Jasmine Buds      +Lemon Verbena      +Lavender      +Marigold      +Oats – Ground & Whole     +Oregano      +Peppermint      +Poppyseeds      +Red Clover      +Red Raspberry Leaf      +Rose – Red      +Rose – Wild Oregon      +Rosemary      +Sage – Garden      +Sage – White      +Spearmint Leaf      +Wildflowers      +Witch Hazel      +White Willow Bark      +Verbena

Powdered Botanicals & Other Natural Coloring Agents

+Activated Charcoal      +Blue Green Algae      +Carrot Powder      +Cranberry Powder      +Clay: French Red      +Clay: French White      +Cocoa Powder      +Comfrey      +Dragons Blood      +Irish Moss      +Kelp Powder      +Frankincense Powder      +Parsley Powder      +Spirulina      +Stevia      +Tomato Powder      +Turmeric


+Colloidal Silver      +Honey      +Goats Milk      +Beer      +Wine      +Rum

Local Specialties
  • Spearmint Leaf from Johnsons Backyard Garden Organic Farm
  • Seasonal wildflower collection from the Texas Hill Country
  • House made seasonal botanical extracts
  • Raw Honey from Fowler Farms


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Custom Handmade Soap for Private Label by Old Factory

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