Wholesale Custom Soap

Old Factory Soap Company Natural Soaps made with essential oils

wholesale custom soap – an old factory specialty

Here at Old Factory we LOVE creating wholesale custom soap for all kinds of businesses or events.  From brick & mortar boutiques, to spas, online stores, event centers, corporate gifts – we can create a high quality custom soap that your clients will LOVE.  We have a wide range of ingredients to choose from – and we can even use ingredients grown on your farm, or have special meaning to your business. We have created wine and beer soap for brewery’s and vineyards, custom herbal soap for herbalists working to target specific issues, custom soap made with customers favorite ingredients, or with color themes matching events.  We can do it all!

a few recent custom bars

Milk & Coffee – A recent custom / limited edition soap – made with LOTS of coffee.  Coffee essential oil, ground coffee, and pure fresh goats milk.  Made in our goats milk recipe. Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic shea butter, fresh goats milk, organic coffee, coffee essential oil.

Can you tell we are coffee obsessed?

Basil & Lime with Mediterranean Sea Salt – A beautiful custom soap bar that reminds me of the lunar surface. A pure, fresh scent – with exfoliating salt on top.  A wonderful bath bar.  Made in our olive oil recipe. Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic shea butter, essential oils of basil and lime, mediterranean sea salt.

Moonflower Herb Fest Custom Event Soap – This stunning bar was one of my favorite custom soap creations from last year. It was created for an herbal conference we participated in and was given to all of the teachers in their cabins.  The bar was branded with the festival information- and specifically formulated to enhance the experience. The Mexican Mint Marigold essential oil was distilled locally by Solstice Farms. A beautiful bar.

Focus & Meditation Retreat Blend – Another event custom wholesale soap – in our Olive Oil Recipe. This blend was created for holistic retreat / yoga retreat in Wimberley Texas.   Essential oils were selected that specifically enhanced mental clarity and meditation.  Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, essential oils, activated charcoal, sea salt.

lets create some wholesale custom soap together!
Exfoliating Coffee Soap Limited Edition by Old Factory
Limited Edition Basil and Lime Soap Handmade in Texas by Old Factory Soap
Wholesale Custom Soap
Focus and Meditation Limited Edition Soap for Blue Cypress School by Old Factory