LIMITED EDITION SOAP – Focus and Meditation Blend with Activated Charcoal and Pure Sea Salt

Limited Edition Focus and Meditation Essential Oil Blend Old Factory

limited edition soap – meditation & focus blend

Made on the summer solstice, to aid focus and meditation.

Focus your mind, and let any negativity fall away.  Like a good cup of chamomile tea, this blend of pure essential oils will calm you down in all the right ways.  This bar combines essential oils to aid focus and meditation. Notes of bergamot, frankincense, clary sage, lavender, lemon, cedar and orange.  Activated charcoal and a blend of Mediterranean and Brazilian sea salts for purity and extracting toxins, negative thoughts, stress.  Specially made for the Blue Cypress School of Holism event this weekend in Wimberley, Texas (but available through our website for everyone).

The Recipe

This limited edition meditation and focus soap is made in our olive oil recipe (ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea flaxseed oil, organic shea butter).  This soap recipe is one of our favorites, it has a nice stable lather and a medium hard bar.  Its a great multipurpose recipe (we use it on our hair, body, face, in the kitchen, on the dog – and lots more (**only use soap with specific essential oil blends on your dog).

The Essential Oils

  • Bergamot – A citrus oil, also found in our Lavender Benzoin, Bergamot soap, Bergamot is an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic – one reason why we recommend this bar for those with serious skin issues and eczema they are looking to repair.  In the world of aromatherapy, Mindy Green put it best, she states that bergamot balances emotions by instilling composure.  Also going further to say “Bergamot allows love to radiate and permeate, promotes moral courage, and helps people acknowledge their own highest gifts and use them appropriately.”  We thought this would be perfect in our meditation and focus bar.
  • Frankincense – One of our favorite oils here at Old Factory, it can be found in almost all of our blends. Its an ancient oil that is even mentioned in the bible.  It has long been used for meditation and connection to a higher consciousness.  Frankincense has also been used frequently to calm anxiety and depression.
  • Clary Sage – Also a remedy for depression, clary sage helps to ease stress, boost mental clarity, and promotes inner peace, hope & self love.
  • Lavender – One of the most well known calming oils throughout history, Lavender creates a subtle ease in mind and body.  It grows very well here in Blanco, Texas and we feel it must have a special resonance with this area. 
  • Lemon – Known for its stimulating yet calming properties, lemon essential oil helps to release anxieties and tension.  Because of its stimulating aspects, it will help to aid focus and concentration.
  • Cedar – A very grounding aroma, this oil will help root your meditation practice. Cedar is also known to release anxiety, tension, and depression.
  • Orange – Often associated with pleasant experiences, orange is the perfect aroma to lift your mood.  Releases depression and anxiety.  Orange adds a lightness to this blend, which we hope will translate into a lightness of spirit for this event.

The Extras

Activated Charcoal – Extractor of toxins and negative emotions, activated charcoal has long been used in cleansing soaps and is especially well loved for facial bars. 

Sea Salt (Mediterranean & Brazilian) – Absorbs and purifies negative energies.  

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