Sacred Moon Herbs Dripping Springs Texas

Sacred Moon herbs
Dripping Springs, Texas

This mecca of holistic healing offers over 500 organic herbs with trained herbalists working daily to discuss your needs. Located in the beautiful heart of the Hill Country, Dripping Springs Texas.

King Feed Wimberley Texas

King feed
Wimberley, texas

Our favorite local feed, garden and farm store, king feed offers a huge variety of natural / organic products.  They have an amazing yard full of organic starter plants, trees, and sell tons of my favorite native Texas plants.

The Natural gardener
austin, texas

The logo says it all – your one stop shop for organic gardening supplies in Austin, Texas. We get many of our plants from the Natural Gardener, and you can find our soap right on their front counter.

7a Ranch Resort Wimberley Texas

7A Resort
Wimberley, Texas

7A Resort in Wimberley Texas is the best place to stay if you are coming to town for the weekend. Right on the river, featuring Pioneer town, and som fabulous new cabins built this year.

Wheatsville Coop Austin Texas

Wheatsville Coop
Austin, texas

Wheatsville COOP – when you become a member of Wheatsville, you actually own part of the co-op.The great thing about Wheatsville is their commitment to healthy, local food.

Skinourishment Wimberley Texas

wimberley, texas

SKINourishment offers 100% pure and synthetic free skincare with food grade ingredients. We say “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”™

Space Montrose Houston Texas

space montrose
Houston, texas

Seriously, the coolest store in Houston. Space Montrose features so many unique artists,
based in Texas and accross the country.

Ola Nordmann
Customer Support

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Marcels Culinary Experience Glen Ellyn Illinois

Marcel's Culinary Experience
Glen Ellyn, IL

Cooking Classes, Fine Cookware, Professional Cooking Tools, Tableware, Specialty Food..

Essential Goods Handmade Lawrence Kansas

Essential goods
Lawrence, Kansas

Essential Goods is another beautiful retail space full of unique handcrafted goods. Can’t wait until I can visit them in person one day!

Homespun Handmade in Indianapolis Indiana

Homespun, Modern Handmade
Indianapolis, Indiana

A mecca of modern handcrafted goods, featuring lots of lovely looking culinary specialties.

Now N Then
Brownstown, MI

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Teakhaus by Proteak
Mexico City + New Jersey

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No Common Scents
Carlisle, PA

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Fig and Julep
Winter Park, FL

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brands we trust + Friends of Old factory

Silver Botanicals at Barton Creek Farmers Market in Austin Texas

Silver botanicals
colloidal silver based personal care & household products

We met Silver Botanicals at Barton Creek Farmers Market several years ago. It is amazing how fast and well their products make a noticable difference. My particular favorite is their mouthwash – try it, you will never go back.

White Deer Apothecary Austin Texas Herbalist

White Deer Apothecary
Lauren peterson

Lauren Peterson is an Austin based Herbalist and creator of White Deer Apothecary.  Lauren visits us out at the Old Factory ranch to collect some wild, natural ingredients for her products.  We met her through Ginger Webb’s school when they came out to learn about our local Agarita plant.

Ginger Webb Texas Medicinals Sacred Journey School of Herbal Medicine

ginger webb
founder of sacred journey school of medicine and texas medicinals

Ginger Webb is an amazing herbalist based in Austin Texas. Would you like to learn about the wonderful ways of our plant friends? Take a class! Her line Texas Medicinals offers artisanal herbal remedies and delicious cordials

Road Dog Health and Wellness Herbalist Austin Texas

road dog health & wellness
Darlene starr, Herbalist

An herbalist with a wealth of knowledge, specializing in the music industry and pros on the go.

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Michelle Starbuck Designs Chicago

Michelle Starbuck
Jeweler, designer

Long time friend, and one time coworker at Lillstreet Art Center – Michelle Starbuck is just awesome, as are all of her designs. Go check them out.

events we support + participate in

Moonflower Herb Fest Austin Texas

Moonflower herb fest
austin, texas

Moonflower Herb Fest takes place every 2 years in the Austin, Texas area. Old Factory plays a large part in this festival, donating time and product to the production of this amazing herb conference.

Blue genie art bazaar
yearly event

What can we say, we LOVE Blue Genie art bazaar. We love everything about the show, designing and constructing our booth, the amazing customers, and the caliber of artists involved.

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Customer Support

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Go Texan Texas Agriculture

go texan
supporting texas agriculture

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The Aum Nation
Holistic Community

The Aum Nation is a growing community of spiritually minded, holistic businesses and practitioners, offering services and products which assist in personal transformation and growth.